Bête de somme

My goal with “Bête de somme” is to weave a library of format into a solid voice. Music, field recording, poetry, photography, together they will be a success if they can be seen as a unique texture of reality, exclaiming one message in an ensemble. This goal stems from my interest in large-scale consciousness / groupthink / cultural identity. At different scales the identity of individuals is overwhelmed or subverted by the identity of other bodies.

Field Recordings
February 2017

I’ve done some initial field recordings of infrastructure sound in NY. My intention is to marry them together with more song-like audio. Feel free to download and use these, under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International. These were recorded on a TASCAM DR-40 using a fluffy windscreen. Downloads are normalised AIFFs.

  1. 4:31Williamsburg Bridge East
  2. 4:04W86th To Park
  3. 1:06Park Still
  4. 6:40FDR Park Roosevelt Island
  5. 17:21DUMBO Main St Park
  6. 8:11Manhattan Bridge Footpath
Herminia Finds Time
January 2017

Acrylic, on three 36x72 canvas panels. Best appreciated in low lighting. I hoped to showcase the impossibility of wealth, a world where every caste is a slave. But when I look at it, I’d much rather be Herminia than the other characters.

Tetra Rotate
June 2017

An on-and-off obsession of mine is how to write non-linear music. What that means for me changes a lot from day to day, but this series of sketches solves the problem physically.

Most music people listen to is experienced either as a concert playing in front of a patron or as a stereo pair of channels, anchored to a user’s head as they trounce through their workweek. So, to break from this front-facing, ears-forward stance, I sequenced a 4-voice synthesizer to play into 4 encircling speakers, similar to a 5.1 surround system but without the focus on a dominant center.

To export to stereo, I rotated the 4 channels through L/R speakers in an attempt to maintain the understanding of the space.


deEssex label

The label is another scaffolding. I’ve named it deEssex because the Anglosphere encompasses every idea I’ve ever had and I am helplessly puppeteered by the history of Franko-Saxon, Teuton will. I often feel like a mouthpiece rather than a mouth, but I try to bring new ideas to electronic music.

Carolyne Sweats—the material on the right—is an adventure series combining a decade-forward narrative with a decade-backward soundtrack. In these CSX releases I scrape up my nostalgic favorites. It is always mesmerizing to re-examine the previous pioneer’s thirst for our now-trite sounds.
deEssex label site